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Flaming Sword Earrings

Flaming swords have existed in legend and myth for thousands of years through various civilisations and typically depict a sword glowing with flames by some supernatural type powers! 

My recreation is a take on the sword of wisdom from Buddhist ideology, which weiled by a human manifestation of, "Manjushri". 

In many representations, he holds aloft the flaming sword of wisdom: the blade cuts through the incorrect perceptions of reality, bringing us sharp insight into, "Shunyata" , or Emptiness...The sharp edge cuts through delusions!! 🗡️👀

The sword, in Sanskrit, is called a, "Khadga" . 

Not only is Manjushri’s sword a symbol of discriminating wisdom, but it also helps us cut through delusions, aversions, attachments, and all the things that trap us in our dualistic world of, "Samsara", and suffering!


Sterling Silver, 55mm from the top hoop to the tip of the flames and 20mm at its widest point 👌🤓 

Flaming Sword Earrings

  • All products are made and shipped in 925 silver.

    We also offer materials such as Brass, 9ct/14ct/18ct/22ct Gold and Copper as options.

    Please use the contact form and send us a message with your enquiry.


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