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Skull Tool Titanium Pick

Titanium Pick / Dab Tool with cast hand craftet Tibtan Skull hilt made from resin.


Brass Sleeve Insert - Resin Skull Hilt - Titaniun Pick - Anodized Carabiner


10 x 8 x 4 cm


The skull hilt is hand crafted and hand painted therefore over time its natural that it will wear back to its grey resin undercolour just like a old toy.

These are also available in brass, and start at £55 just message if you are interested l



(The colour of the carabiner may vary.)

Skull Tool Titanium Pick

  • All products are made and shipped in 925 silver.

    We also offer materials such as Brass, 9ct/14ct/18ct/22ct Gold and Copper as options.

    Please use the contact form and send us a message with your enquiry.


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