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Tibetan Water Blade Pendant


Crafted from 925 Silver, the wave like blade emitting from a Makara. (sea monster)

The Makara has an elephant's trunk and tusks, which are bizzarly paired with that of the jaws of a crocodile and a flowing mane of a lioness.

The traditional Makara, based from Indian buddihism would have depicted an aquatic tail too, but often through tibetan imagination would be replaced with various objects on the hilt.

Here in my take - a tibetan dorje (tibetan word for diamond) takes its place, it is symbolic of a thunder weapon like that carried by the Vedic god, Indra.

Tibetan Water Blade Pendant

  • All products are made and shipped in 925 silver.

    We also offer materials such as Brass, 9ct/14ct/18ct/22ct Gold and Copper as options.

    Please use the contact form and send us a message with your enquiry.


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