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DIY Jewellery Carving Kit - Make Your Own Jewellery

Dead Cast™ - DIY Wax Jewellery Carving Kit 


Make your own personalised jewellery from scratch! 


(Please swipe on photos for the pricing list for casting.)

Never gift bad jewellery again! 

No other kit out there costs as little or comes as much extras, plus me on hand for all your crafty support needs! - (headset and ambient office background sounds not included) 

And because indulging isn’t the top priority for most people right now - the cost is split down into firstly a kit cost so people can just have fun with it for now - then, a casting cost later down the line. Hurrah!

This kit contains everything you need to make anything your mind and hands can take you to! 


1x Tile Building Base (so you don’t fuck up your work top)
3 x Carving Tools for different textures and shapes
1 x Craft Scalpel
1x Candle - to heat/melt areas, warm tools to gauge shapes out etc
1x Box of matches 
1x Wax Sheet
1x Large Wax Rod
4x Small Wax Rods
1x D Shape Wax Ring Block
1x Set Basic Instructions / Ideas Sheet
1x Casting Cost Sheet + Return Address

All packaging is fully compostable mostly already recycled and all inks are eco friendly too! 


Just pop your wax in the post to the return address provided along with your name, address and contact email and I will send through a paypal invoice for casting.

Can’t wait to see all your work!



DIY Jewellery Carving Kit - Make Your Own Jewellery

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Re Up Wax Pack
Cant Stop Wont Stop
19,99£cada mes hasta que se cancele
  • All products are made and shipped in 925 silver.

    We also offer materials such as Brass, 9ct/14ct/18ct/22ct Gold and Copper as options.

    Please use the contact form and send us a message with your enquiry.


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